What They’re Watching: Craig Smith, President of Amerigroup of Washington

Craig Smith, President of Amerigroup of Washington, joins us in this edition of What They’re Watching to discuss moving forward in times of uncertainty. Smith encourages bold, cohesive, and collaborative decision-making in the effort to transform health care.

“You know, I would say that uncertainty favors the bold. And so, the state of Washington is very bold in its transformation. I come from a different state; I come from Texas and I’ve seen transformation, or waiver demonstrations done in a different way. What Washington is doing here, requiring everyone to come to the table, and really connect and develop a cohesive, collaborative plan is huge. It’s an immense task and it’s bold and I think by Washington moving forward on this, regardless of the noise, I think in the end, I think the noise will bow to the effort that’s happening here. So, I say go forward and go confidently and don’t worry about the federal stuff quite yet because the solutions that will get developed here will be probably some of the better solutions across the country. “