MPIRICA launches over 1M outpatient quality scores for individual physicians and hospitals

MPIRICA Health, Inc., a healthcare startup focused on quality transparency, today announced they will be launching over one million outpatient quality scores for individual physicians and hospitals, covering approximately 1,000 surgeries. Industry-wide, this will be the first time objective scoring of surgeons and hospitals has been done for outpatient procedures. The majority of surgical care in the U.S. is performed on an outpatient basis.

“When it comes to delivering straight answers to consumers about provider quality, there is no substitute for an objective, outcomes-based approach that adjusts for patient risk,” said Shakil Haroon, Founder and CEO of MPIRICA. “Yelp-style reviews are easy to compile, but they result in various ‘top doctors’ and ‘best hospitals’ lists, with no two being consistent. It’s no wonder consumers are confused.”

The MPIRICA Quality Score is a “FICO-like” 3-digit number that is based on 4 years of individual provider outcomes for a specific procedure. The scoring model risk-adjusts, weights, and summarizes massive amounts of medical data into a type of “batting average” of success for providers who perform each surgery.

It is well known that the cost savings of outpatient care can be significant. But when it comes to choosing an outpatient provider based on quality, healthcare consumers and their employers have had no guidance beyond hearsay and subjective opinions. The MPIRICA Quality Score solves this uncertainty.

“We are breaking new ground here,” commented Haroon. “I truly believe the widespread use of our score will have a significant impact on patient safety as well as cost savings for those paying the bills, including self-insured employers.”

Extreme variance in surgical quality is prevalent throughout all US metros for both outpatient and inpatient care, with the poorest performing facilities experiencing 3-5 times more complications, readmissions, and mortality compared to the top performers. Moreover, lack of quality is not only dangerous, it is expensive. Severe complications can increase a surgical procedure’s cost to almost six times more than the same procedure with no complications.

MPIRICA’s launch of scores covering over 1,000 outpatient procedures significantly expands on the company’s previous release six months ago of inpatient surgeon scores covering just 65 procedures. The statistical models and methods that support the MPIRICA Quality Score were created by a team of physicians and statisticians with decades of medical quality analytics experience, through an exclusive partnership with MPA Healthcare Solutions.

Read more about the New Frontier of Outpatient Surgery Quality on MPIRICA’s company blog.

About MPIRICA Health, Inc.
Based in Bellevue, Washington, MPIRICA Health was founded in 2014 to demystify healthcare quality transparency for consumers with an intuitive measurement of medical providers based on past performance, at a surgical procedure level.