New complaint filing guidance for providers from WA OIC

In order to help health care providers better understand the complaint process, the Office of the Insurance Commissioner has created a new webpage with information that providers need to know about filing complaints with the OIC. The OIC has heard that its complaint process can be confusing for health care providers, with many providers being unsure when they can and cannot file complaints regarding health insurance. Because the complaint process is the primary means for the OIC to find out about violations of Washington state law and health care providers may be aware of violations, it’s important for the OIC to help providers better understand the complaint process.

The new webpage highlights areas of Washington state law that form the basis for the most common complaints from providers. The webpage also includes instances where the OIC does not have legal jurisdiction to intervene. This information should be helpful to providers in trying to figure out when they should make a complaint to the OIC or direct it to another agency.

Providers are encouraged to file complaints with the OIC online or by calling 800-562-6900. The new webpage is intended to be a helpful starting place to direct your health care providers who might want to file a complaint with the OIC, so please share it with them as well.

If you have feedback about the page or want to know more about the provider complaint process, please contact Jim Freeburg at or 360-725-7170.