WA: Kreidler on King v. Burwell “SCOTUS should reject another challenge to ACA”

This following statement is from Washington State Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler:

“Longtime opponents of the Affordable Care Act will get another day before the Supreme Court on March 4. The latest challenge centers on a single sentence in the law regarding the financial subsidies that help millions of Americans afford health insurance. This case has a direct bearing on the 36 states that opted out of building their own health-care exchange marketplaces.

“An adverse court ruling would throw the nation’s health insurance market into disarray. This includes Washington state, which built its own exchange. The law would be in danger of collapsing along with the many consumer protections that are now guaranteed to us all. Too many in Congress seem content to let this happen with no viable alternatives.

“In Washington state, we have seen a 50 percent increase in the number of insurers entering the health insurance market since the law took effect. They currently offer 230 plans. The average premium increase of just 2.3 percent in 2014 is the lowest in almost a decade. And the uninsured rate has plunged by nearly 40 percent. At least 400,000 more people have coverage.

“Opponents of the law said none of this was possible. Efforts continue to scuttle reform despite solid evidence of progress.

“It is my hope that the Supreme Court will again reject another challenge to the Affordable Care Act. It’s time for supporters and opponents to act rationally to fix the flaws. Citizens are counting on us to make our health-care system work better.”