Nurse Arrested For Child Rape Allowed To Still See Kids As Patients

Quincy Valley Medical Center

A nurse, arrested in Douglas County based on allegations of Rape of a Child in the First Degree, was allowed to continue to care for children in his hospital emergency room after the arrest and until the suspension of his license by the Dept of Health.

Charles White is alleged to have raped the 8-year old girl in February, with the arrest occurring in April.

The Dept. of Health became aware of the matter in July, at which point it ordered a suspension of the provider’s license on July 30th.

While the information was compelling enough for an arrest, and compelling enough for a suspension of his license, the hospital nevertheless allowed the nurse to continue to see patients, including children.

After the arrest in April until his license was suspended in July, Mr. White was allowed to continue treating children by his employer, which was confirmed to State of Reform to be Quincy Valley Medical Center (QVMC).

The alleged crime took place in Douglas County. It did not occur in the hospital setting, QVMC is in Grant County.

From the “DoH Order to Suspend Charles White“:

(White) remains employed as a nurse in the Emergency Department at a hospital in Washington State.  His employer is aware of his arrest, and has allowed him to continue working, although he is required to be monitored when treating children.

We have calls directly into Quincy Valley Medical Center for comment.  Beginning July 31st, we worked through an intermediary to get a statement from Quincy with two questions:

1.  Why was the nurse allowed to continue to see patients, particularly children, after the arrest?

2.  What steps were taken to “monitor” the nurse when he was seeing patients?

Mr. White’s trial appears to be set for September.  He can also appeal the Dept. of Health’s suspension.