Valerie Bauman To Leave PSBJ


Valerie Bauman, the health reporter for the Puget Sound Business Journal, is leaving the PSBJ.

Bauman was notable as one of the most important health care journalists in the region.  Not only did she produce a significant amount of content, she reported on issues of particular concern to the health care business community.  Few journalists in the region have made a point to do that as well as Valerie.

Particularly noteworthy in recent months is Valerie’s work covering the OIC-Judge Petersen affair. 

In an email exchange, Valerie said that she was heading to Newsday and Long Island.

I’m getting assigned a region and my focus will be on investigative/government/accountability reporting. I’ll be trying to root out corruption, etc.

Valerie’s contribution will be missed, as well as hard to replicate.