TEC – Driving Down the Cost through Transparency

Everett Clinic logo

Last week, the Everett Herald published an article about The Everett Clinic posting the charges for six medical imaging tests, such as MRI’s , CT’s, ultrasounds and X-Ray’s on their website.

According to the article, the main reason for posting the charges online was to inform the consumers about their costs before they make decisions about scans, procedures or surgeries.

Dr. Al Fisk commented to State of Reform:

“We hope that more providers will make their prices public. We believe in transparency of price, quality and the patient experience and we think patients do too. The more organizations that make this information available to patients, the more patients are getting their needs met.”

In The Everett Clinic’s press release CEO, Rick Cooper shared:

“Being transparent with our prices is the right thing to do for our patients,” Cooper said. “We know patients are comparison shopping for healthcare, and pricing is a factor in their decisions.”