An OIC Employee Airing Internal Politics?


We are tracking the OIC story of Judge Petersen’s claims of ex parte communications by Chief Deputy Odiorne closely.

We’ve been slow to post new content largely because Valerie Bauman at the PSBJ is doing such a great job covering this.

We’re not the only folks watching this story.  A commenter at the Seattle Times has had some very good insights, and writes like he is close to the OIC – perhaps even employed there or at a sister state agency.

While we are aware of the story about “a stupid plant” and about the importance of former Chief Deputy Mike Watson, we’ve not posted those stories on our site.  However, this person is clearly bringing internal OIC content to light.

I’ve copied it from the Times below.  If the comments magically disappear, we’ll keep them up.

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Editorial: Allegations of misconduct in Office of the Insurance Commissioner demand reform

A long term employee with nearly 28 years of spotless performance reviews and performance expectations that clearly articulate the expectations that she refrain from ex parte communication. After 8 different Chief Deputies only the most recent engaged in this illegal behavior. Go to the insurance commissioners’s website and read the documentation that is posted under the Administrative Hearings section. The Commissioner lost one very high profile case (Coordinated Care) and is losing the Seattle Children’s case….not because of the Judge but because the new Deputy for Legal Affairs has no insurance regulation experience and the OIC’s staff work is terrible.

The Judge’s findings are in line with the testimony and other legal arguments. Her findings over her long career have always been upheld when appealed to the courts.

The new Deputy for Public Affairs has broken every rule in the book if this is indeed a personnel action. It should never be discussed in the press. And what idiot allowed Kreidler to be interviewed by the PSBJ on Thursday? He essentially dismissed the allegations and accuses the Judge of lying. Get ready for a huge settlement at tax payers expense.

Congratulations Commissioner Kreidler – you have destroyed your agency with this fiasco. And to think, it all started with a stupid plant.
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Editorial: Allegations of misconduct in Office of the Insurance Commissioner demand reform

Well said and excellent response to concerns.
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Editorial: Allegations of misconduct in Office of the Insurance Commissioner demand reform

User1045873. Normally I would agree with your comments 100 percent. However even the “Little Boy who cried Wolf” was right at least once. This is not some right wing conspiracy to “get” Kreidler . He has totally blown this case. His actions jeopardize the 4 years of hard work his staff invested in the implementation of the ACA. Long term supporters are disgusted and real patients are being harmed. Not 24 hours after announcing he was hiring an outside investigator to review the case he told the PSBJ that he didn’t believe his long serving employee. So much for being fair and patient.

Kreidler and his current team of executive leadership are incompetent and dangerous. He should step down now and not wait until 2016.
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Insurance Office whistle-blower now faces own probe

This is the most outrageous turn of events. I have lost all confidence in Mike Kreidler and Troy Kelly. The state had better get ready to write a very large check if their sole allegation is that Judge Petersen leaked the whistleblower. In the meantime the insurance companies continue to run amuck because the true protectors of consumer rights have left the agency in disgust.
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State insurance office defends whistle-blower’s removal

To be clear Kreidler has employed 3 Chief Deputies. Only one was worthy of that office. Mike Watson seeved the OIC and the citizens of Washington with distinction. All of Kreidler’s accomplishments were made possible because Mike kept the office running smoothly and Kreidler out of trouble.
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State insurance office defends whistle-blower’s removal

Commissioner Kreidler is in charge of a sinking ship. For the first 12 years of his administration he was surrounded by highly ethical insurance professionals who upheld the agency’s mission of protecting consumers. When an ethical lapse by the Commissioner caused his previous Chief Deputy to resign in protest, other Deputies left in short order. He no longer has staff that understand the regulation of insurance. More importantly, he doesn’t appear to care. The State Auditor must investigate.
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