Release: Nearly 350,000 Enroll in Coverage through Washington Healthplanfinder


OLYMPIA, Wash. – Washington Healthplanfinder today announced that 345,158 Washingtonians have newly enrolled in private health coverage or Washington Apple Health (Medicaid) since Oct. 1. More than 88,000 residents have now enrolled in private health plans.

Nearly 260,000 individuals who have been previously covered through Apple Health have renewed their coverage through for a total of more than 600,000 residents.

Updated enrollment numbers from Oct. 1 to Jan. 30 are included below.


Web and Call Center Data
Unique Visitors


Accounts Created


Call Center Volume (Jan. to-date)


Avg. Initial Call Center Wait Time (Jan. to-date)

2 min

Avg. Wait Time after Call Menu Selection* (Jan. to-date)

40 min

Enrollments Completed
Qualified Health Plans


Medicaid Newly Eligible Adults


Medicaid Previously Eligible but not Enrolled


Medicaid Redeterminations (Previously Covered)





In-Process Applications
Qualified Health Plan Applicants – Need to Pay


*Note: These numbers reflect enrollments and applications through Jan. 30. Please note that “Average Wait Time after Call Menu Selection” refers to customers who have had an initial point of contact with a customer service representative and entered into wait queues for various areas of enrollment assistance.

Application Status Legend

  • Qualified Health Plans: Includes individuals who have selected and submitted payment for a qualified health plan (private health plan).
  • Medicaid Newly Eligible Adults: Includes newly eligible individuals who have qualified and enrolled in a Medicaid plan under the Medicaid expansion and does not include those who have transitioned from other Medicaid programs.
  • Medicaid Previously Eligible but not Enrolled: Includes individuals (children, pregnant women, low-income families) who are newly enrolling but were eligible under old Medicaid eligibility rules.
  • Medicaid Redeterminations: Includes individuals who were already enrolled in a Medicaid program and have had their eligibility status converted, re-determined or renewed through Washington Healthplanfinder as opposed to newly determined.
  • QHP (Need to Pay): Includes individuals who have completed an application for a Qualified Health Plan that is awaiting payment.

Medicaid note: Washington Apple Health (Medicaid) does not have an open enrollment period.  Individuals and families will be able to apply and complete their renewals via throughout the year. Questions about Healthplanfinder should be directed to the toll-free Customer Support Center at 1-855-WAFINDER; Apple Health questions can be directed to the toll-free hot line at 1-800-562-3022 or emailed to

For more information about Washington Healthplanfinder and to enroll in health coverage, please visit