Release: Kreidler Statement on Sen. Becker’s Bill to Eliminate OIC



OLYMPIA, Wash. – “For more than a century, the Office of the Insurance Commissioner has been accountable to the public, and only the public. As a statewide-elected official, the insurance commissioner’s role is to advocate for consumers when they have disputes with the insurance industry. The commissioner takes an oath to provide fair and balanced regulation of all types of insurance – from health to auto, home, life and more, but he or she also has a greater duty—a duty to stand up for consumers if they’re being treated unjustly.”

“Senate Bill 6458 is tailor-made for the insurance industry to have its way with consumer protections at the expense of the public. This bill creates an insurance board made up of members nominated by members of the Legislature and appointed by the Governor. The public loses its right to select its own advocate.”

“Washington is one of 11 states with an elected insurance commissioner. If the public are not satisfied with the job they’re doing there’s a referendum on their performance every four years through our democratic process.”

“The people of Washington state deserve to continue selecting the insurance commissioner they want to represent them – a job they’ve taken seriously since 1907. Washington state has led the way for consumer protection in this country—regardless of which party has held the office—because the public gets to select who represents them.“