WA Exchange is Warned, “They Will Use You and Abuse You”

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As mentioned in Amy’s post yesterday, the Exchange Board has voted to become “proactive” in reviewing legislation, considering positions and conveying those positions to the legislature.

The board discussion became a bit more animated than usual during this discussion.  And, as is sometimes the case, board member Mr. Phil Dyer, himself a former legislator, offered this colorful word of caution.

You can listen to the latest board meeting to hear for yourself.  Mr. Dyer’s comments start at about 2:09:40.

I harken back to one of our first board meetings when we were trying to come up with a name, and everybody wanted to make us health care, or health care reform.  We’re an exchange.  We’re not public policy.

I would warn you that the Hill over there is an important societal aspect of our lives.  But they can also be extremely dangerous.

They will use you and abuse you to their own self-serving interest.

Like Eisenhower warned against the military-industrial complex, I will warn against what I will now refer to as the Br’er Rabbit syndrome.  Be careful, because if you stick a foot or a paw in that thing, you can’t get out of it.

The more arm’s length we have, the more we will protect our credibility and our neutrality.

Mr. Dyer voted for the proposal to become proactive in legislative matters.  Ms. Teresa Mosqueda was the only member to vote against the motion.