Release: Healthplanfinder sees more than 55,000 Enrollments in First Month

Washington State Marketplace Starts Strong, Continues to Make Improvements to Site

Washington Healthplanfinder today announced more than 55,000 residents have enrolled in health coverage since Oct. 1. Since launch, more than 100,000 people in Washington State have either fully enrolled in new health coverage options or completed an application that is awaiting payment due in December.

“This was a historical opening month for Washington Healthplanfinder,” said Richard Onizuka, CEO for the Washington Health Benefit Exchange. “We are proud of our success to-date, but continue to be laser-focused on fine-tuning our site to ensure all of our customers are having a positive enrollment experience.”

Washington Healthplanfinder IT staff continue to perform weekend maintenance to further improve the online customer experience. The addition of 145 new representatives at the Customer Support Center over the next several weeks are expected to gradually decrease call center wait times.

“We continue to be pleased with Washington State residents’ response to the Health Benefit Exchange,” said Dorothy Teeter, director of the Health Care Authority. “We appreciate the commitment of our community partners to get people connected to insurance coverage.”

Enrollment numbers were impacted slightly this week by outages of the Federal Data Services Hub, which is managed by the federal government and allows Washington Healthplanfinder and other state-based marketplaces to verify identity and determine eligibility for financial help. Should this occur again, a message will be posted to and in-depth information will be posted to our Status Center.

Updated numbers from Oct. 1 to Oct. 31 are included below. More comprehensive information, including county-by-county data, will be distributed this week in a separate report:

Web and Call Center Data
Unique Visitors 498,006
Total Site Visits 2,710,921
Page Views 11,527,730
Unique Page Views 8,180,172
Accounts Created 118,531
Call Center Volume 94,495
Average Call Center Wait Times 19:55 min

Enrollments Completed
Qualified Health Plans  7,341
Medicaid Newly Eligible/Coverage Jan.1  29,622
Medicaid/Immediate coverage 18,702
Total 55,367

Total Completed Applications
Total Applications 58,140

Total Applicants Included on Applications Completed*
Qualified Health Plan Applicants – QHP Only 34,861
Qualified Health Plan/Medicaid Mixed** 15,426
Medicaid Applicants Only 54,648
Total Applicants** 104,631

*Note: These numbers reflect enrollments and applications through Oct. 31. Applications completed includes individuals who have completed applications but have not yet submitted payment. Payment is due on Dec. 23, 2013 for coverage that begins on Jan. 1, 2014.

*Note: These numbers have been updated to more clearly identify which applicants are applying for Qualified Health Plans and which are applying for Medicaid. Qualified Health Plan/Medicaid Mixed indicates applications in which at least one individual on the application is purchasing a Qualified Health Plan while others may be eligible for Medicaid.