WA: Healthplanfinder Gains Momentum with 35,000 Enrollments since Oct. 1

On Monday, the Washington Healthplanfinder announced that 35,000 residents have enrolled in health coverage since the website went live on Oct. 1. Additionally, 69,000 residents have completed online applications that are awaiting payment in late December.

CEO of the Washington Health Benefit Exchange, Richard Onizuka, stated that: “It’s clear that residents here in Washington are very interested in this new opportunity and the health insurance options that are available. We are continuing to reach out to individuals through a statewide advertising campaign, our community partners, insurance brokers, and most recently, our mobile enrollment tour which kicked off last week.”

The Customer Support Center has also continued to experience higher call volumes and longer wait times than expected due to strong consumer interest. Staffed for 2,500 calls per day, the Call Center is experiencing just over an average of 6,000 calls per day with wait times around 21 minutes.

WA HPF 10/21 enrollment

With 130,000 projected enrollees for qualified health plans in the Exchange for 2014, the Healthplanfinder is showing stronger enrollment numbers than most of the other states participating in their own exchanges. However, with 10% of the time elapsed between now and January 1st, 2014, Healthplanfinder is 3.5% to its goal of enrollments completed.  With 16,669 total applications completed, the Exchange is over 12% to its goal of completed applications.

If enrollments continue at this rate, and the completed applications select plans and pay, the Exchange will be a little behind to reach 130,000 enrollments by Jan. 1. As the deadline draws closer, the Exchange predicts a spike in enrollment numbers as well as increasing interest in the Healthplanfinder as time progresses.

Medicaid-eligible individuals are also displaying strong enrollment and completed application numbers. With just about 31,000 completed applications, the Health Care Authority is 8.9% to goal. Of the total applications completed, the HCA is 3.9% to goal with just over 13,800 completed applications.

“We’re pleased by the strong response of Medicaid-eligible residents, with more than 30,000 new enrollments over the first 20 days of October,” said Dorothy Teeter, Director of the Health Care Authority. “About two-thirds of them are qualifying under the Medicaid expansion to new adults, which goes into effect on Jan. 1 of 2014.”

Note: These statistics do not include the applications completed for QHP/Medicaid mixed applications, indicating that at least one individual on the application is purchasing a QHP while others may be eligible for Medicaid. Applications completed includes individuals who have completed their applications, but have not year submitted a payment. Payment is due on Dec. 23, 2013 for coverage that begins on Jan. 1, 2014.