WA: Appeals, Votes and Delays

Exchange shopping 320x210This morning’s special meeting of the Washington Health Benefit Exchange Board resulted in another delay of the QHP/QDP certification vote.  HHS has granted Washington and other states an extension until September 5 to certify the plans.

In addition to the three known appeals, Coordinated Care, Community Health Plan of Washington, and Kaiser, a dental plan also filed today.  During the meeting we learned that Coordinated Care’s appeal is complete and the others are in process.

Katie Rogers of Coordinated Care testified that during the hearing process it was acknowledged by the OIC that their network issues included language surrounding “enrollee will not be balance billed,” but that it could be reworded.  Coordinated Care is prepared to refile with amended language today.  When the hearing judge had asked why Coordinated Care had not worked with the OIC directly on this, Ms. Rogers said the OIC had conveyed that they could not talk to Coordinated Care with an active appeal.  However, Coordinated Care had learned that the OIC had engaged in those conversations with other carriers so they asked that the OIC now do so.

Bela Biro of Molina offered testimony as to the problems with the OIC’s disposition, which can be read here.  Commissioner Kreidler noted that the OIC does not have a filing from Molina because all filings were closed per the deadline on July 31.  It was suggested that Molina file an appeal.  Mr. Biro conveyed that they had understood they could not talk to the OIC if they filed the appeal.

Board member Teresa Mosqueda then moved for the Board to postpone the vote until their next meeting on September 4.  Doug Conrad and Melanie Curtice were the only board members to vote against the delay.