Lindeblad Named HCA Medicaid Director

This week, the Health Care Authority (HCA) announced that MaryAnne Lindeblad will serve as the Health Care Authority Medicaid Director. Lindeblad previously served as Assistant Secretary for the Aging and Disability Services Administration for the Washington State Department of Social & Health Services and most recently as Acting Director of the Health Care Authority.

Health Care Authority Director Dorothy Teeter offered her support in an email announcement:

Greetings once again.  I’m very much looking forward to next Monday, when I report for work and can meet in person with the Health Care Authority (HCA) team.  I’ve been following Governor Inslee’s first days on the job, and I can see that things are moving rapidly ahead throughout state government.  I look forward to being part of that momentum when I officially join the agency.

I have been keeping in touch with MaryAnne over the past few weeks, and I want to deliver some good news to HCA staff.  MaryAnne and I have talked about her interests, expertise, leadership, and talent, and I am pleased to announce that she has agreed to stay on and accept the new position of State Medicaid Director within the HCA.  Our agency needs her expertise and background with Medicaid, and she is an excellent fit for this role – helping us forge our Medicaid strategy as we interface with community as well as state partners like the Department of Social and Health Services and federal partners like the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.

We still need to define exactly how it will work, and we will look to states such as Oregon and Oklahoma who have deployed a similar model to help inform our approach of having a Medicaid Director within a state Health Authority.  Additionally, I know there is much to learn internally as well as we work through the details of this decision. We will work together as an HCA team to ensure the effective integration of the overall HCA infrastructure, policy work and reform agenda to support all aspects of HCA’s role and responsibility.

We are extremely fortunate to benefit from MaryAnne’s skills and expertise, and I look forward to a close working relationship with her in the months and years ahead.