Dr. Bob Crittenden named Sr. Health Policy Advisor to Gov. Inslee

Yesterday, Jason McGill sent out the following email announcing the hire of Dr. Bob Crittenden as the new Sr. Health Policy Advisor to Governor Inslee.

Dr. Crittenden has long been an advocate for reform, recently leading the Herndon Alliance in Washington State and penning this op-ed last summer regarding the Supreme Court decision.

McGill will continue to serve in the governor’s policy shop as well having served Gov. Gregoire in the same capacity.

I am very happy to report that Bob Crittenden, M.D., M.P.H. has started with Governor Inslee’s Legislative Affairs and Policy Office, leading health care reform.  I am also pleased to report that I will join Bob on the Governor’s health care team.

I couldn’t be more excited to serve the state of Washington for Governor Inslee and work with Bob.  Bob and I will work as a team – Bob will be accountable for health care reform implementation, and I will be accountable for most non-health care reform items and long term care – but both of us will share many of these responsibilities in a team-based approach as issues demand.

Governor Inslee has high expectations for health care reform for Washington.  With you and many others across the state, Bob and I are excited to help implement health care reform and drive innovative changes in health care to improve quality and lower costs.  We’re now full steam ahead – and primed for great things in the coming years.

We are fortunate to have Bob return to the Governor’s office.  For those (very few) who don’t know Bob, he was on the faculty of the University of Washington Schools of Public Health and Medicine and a family physician serving urban underserved people. He has worked for the state legislature; was a Robert Wood Johnson Health Policy Fellow with Senator George Mitchell, was special assistant to Governor Gardner for health, working on a wide range of issues such as expansion of Medicaid, the Department of Health, and the 1993 health reform law.  He has headed up the Herndon Alliance for the past eight years focusing on communications and coordination in support of passage and implementation of the ACA.