Nathan Johnson Appointed As Washington State HIT Coordinator

The Washington State Health Care Authority linked in an email today to Governor Gregoire’s July 16 appointment of Nathan Johnson as the new State Health Information Technology (HIT) Coordinator.  Johnson takes over for Richard Onizuka, who is currently serving as the CEO of the Washington Health Benefit Exchange.

The following has been posted on the Washington HIT website, and you can read the governor’s letter here.

Nathan Johnson Named State’s Official HIT Coordinator

Nathan Johnson, the Assistant Director of HCA Health Care Policy, is succeeding Health Benefit Exchange CEO Richard Onizuka as the state’s official liaison with the federal government for health information technology issues. This appointment is part of Johnson’s overall scope as Assistant Director of Health Care Policy.

Nathan will be supported by Melodie Olsen, who has been designated as the Deputy State HIT Coordinator. Melodie is currently Health IT Manager in HCA for the Medicaid Electronic Health Records Incentive Program.