David Hanig To Leave Washington State Senate Democratic Caucus


The following was sent out today via email from David Hanig:

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

I want to let you know that, after six years working for the Legislature, I am leaving the Senate Democratic Caucus.  This has been a wonderful job – one that challenged me to stretch professionally and intellectually.  And it’s been an honor to serve with incredibly hard-working and dedicated professionals – people who genuinely care about the democratic process and the quality of state government.

While we often hear cynical comments about government, during the last six years, my respect for the hard work, dedication and passion of those who work here has only grown.

Starting August 20, I will be working as a health care policy consultant for a number of organizations.  My new “incarnation” will be a natural extension of the work I did while at the Senate, including health care sustainability, payment/service delivery reform, and the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

So, I won’t say “goodbye” as I know I will continue to work with many of you in the future.

All my best!

David Hanig