UPDATE: WA Health Benefit Exchange Seeks Applicants for CFO and CIO

Washington Health Benefit Exchange CEO, Richard Onizuka, Ph.D., has put a call out for individuals interested in becoming the Exchange’s Chief Information Officer (CIO). Whether or not you find yourself interested – or qualified – the Exchange would like to spread word of this opening.  “Please share this job posting as widely as possible to any interested persons,” said Onizuka earlier today via email.

*UPDATE: The Exchange is also seeking applicants to fill the position of Chief Financial Officer (CFO).  Attached here is the job description provided by the Exchange.

Attached here is the CIO job description that was attached in the email, and the following are a few highlights excerpted from the CIO and CFO descriptions:

CIO Responsibilities:

•   The CIO will be responsible for the long-­‐term planning of technology initiatives to meet the requirements of a  functioning Exchange and a public, high traffic web site.

•   Oversee all technology implementation and maintenance necessary  to meet the business requirements of the Exchange including assessing system needs, system development and implementation and system operations.

CIO Qualifications:

•   Bachelor’s degrees in Computer Science, Business Administration or a related field required.

•   Seven to ten years of experience with  increasing responsibilities for the management and support of information systems and information technology. Direct management of a major IT operation is preferred.


CFO Responsibilities:

•   The CFO will have primary day to day responsibility for planning, implementing, managing and controlling all financial-related activities of the Exchange, including budgeting and forecasting, accounting, and oversight of the Exchange’s human resources’ programs and contracts management.

 •   Direct all administration and finance activities and provide leadership and coordination of the Exchange’s finance, budget, forecasting, and accounting systems.

CFO Qualifications:

•   Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting or Finance required.

•   Seven to ten years of financial experience and management experience with the day-to-day financial operations of an organization of at least 25 staff persons, and oversight of budget of at least $10 million.

•   Familiarity with health care systems, health insurance and managed care, with significant knowledge of state health care system and state and federal health care laws.