The nominations from the 4 legislative caucuses of members who will lead the health insurance exchange have been announced.  They now await appointment by Gov. Gregoire.

Senate Democratic Caucus—

·  Don Barbieri, former CEO and current Chairman of the Board of Red Lion Hotels Corporation

·  Melanie Curtice, an attorney at Stoel Rives

·  Teresa Mosqueda, of the Washington State Labor Council and Chair of the Healthy Washington Coalition

·  Sue Sharpe, Executive Director of the St. Luke’s Foundation

·  Margaret Stanley, former head of CalPERS, Puget Sound Health Alliance, and the Administrator of the Washington HCA.


Senate Republican Caucus—

·  Bill Baldwin, CEO of Baldwin Resource Group and former President and member of the Board Emeritus for the Washington Policy Center

·  Steve Neighbors, Chairman and Co-Owner of TERRA Staffing Group, representing small business interests

·  Steve Appel, Former President of the Washington State Farm Bureau

·  Ted Blotsky, Senior Vice President of Employee Benefit Services for Associated Industries

·  David Preston, CEO of the Insurance Resource Group, and Past President of the NW Washington Assoc. of  Health Underwriters (NWAHU)


House Democratic Caucus—

·  Doug Conrad, Professor, University of Washington;

·  Dr. Ben Daniels, Medical Director, Odessa Brown Clinic;

·  Knut Ringer, Consultant (disease management, environment, safety, health management, workers comp and group health);

·  Rogelio Riojas, Executive Director, Sea Mar Community Health Centers; and

·  Diane Zahn, Secretary/Treasurer, UFCW 21.


House Republican Caucus—

·  Philip Dyer, Senior Vice President for Health Management Services at Kibble & Prentice, and former Republican Legislator (House Health Care Committee Chair)

·  Jeff Gingold, attorney with Lane Powell

·  Jerry Lusk, nominated to provide actuarial expertise

·  Don Conant, a Professor at St Martin’s University and member of the Exchange’s Technical Advisory Committee

·  Nancy Wildermuth, a private practice attorney and former legislative advocate on health care issues