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Seattle, January 5, 2023

North Texas health care leaders share how pending federal policy changes will impact Medicaid services

| Sep 30, 2022 | Texas

Former Texas Medicaid Director Stephanie Muth led a panel discussion at the 2022 North Texas State of Reform Health Policy Conference on Wednesday that focused on the impacts that pending federal policy changes will have on Texas Medicaid. Federal funding for the public health emergency (PHE) and the state’s incentive...[ Read More ]

Gov. Abbott directs Texas agencies to enhance response to fentanyl crisis

| Sep 22, 2022 | Texas

In a letter sent this week to state agency leaders, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott directed state agencies to address the threat posed by fentanyl to communities.      Texas witnessed 5,033 drug overdose deaths in 2021, a 19.8% increase from the previous year, growing at a rate higher than the...[ Read More ]

Texas DSHS to provide scholarships for EMS education and training

| Sep 21, 2022 | Texas

The Texas Department of State Health Services announced Wednesday it will offer Emergency Medical Service scholarships to assist students looking to pursue careers in the EMS field.      The Texas Legislature passed a $21.7 million EMS education and recruitment initiative as part of its American Rescue Plan Act package...[ Read More ]

Texas maintains highest uninsured rate for children and adults in the country at 18% in 2021

| Sep 20, 2022 | Texas

Texas had the nation’s highest uninsured rate in 2021, with 18% compared to the national average of 8.6%, according to the US Census Bureau’s American Community Survey (ACS).      Data released last week showed that nearly 12% of children and a quarter of adults aged 19-64 (24.3%) in Texas...[ Read More ]

100 organizations coming to the 2022 North Texas State of Reform Health Policy Conference

| Sep 19, 2022 | Texas

With the 2022 North Texas State of Reform Health Policy Conference coming up next week, we wanted to share the list of 100 organizations that will be attending our event. It's an impressive list and one that we're honored to host and convene on September 27th! We are looking forward...[ Read More ]

State of Reform returns to North Texas in-person for its annual health policy conference 

| Sep 19, 2022 | Texas

After being virtual for 2020 and 2021, the 2022 North Texas State of Reform Health Policy Conference returns  in person at the Irving Convention Center in Dallas on Tuesday, September 27th.      Dr. Fred Cerise, President & Chief Executive Officer of Parkland Health & Hospital System, is scheduled for...[ Read More ]