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Texas Medicaid managed care procurement updates: STAR Health Draft RFP, STAR Kids ACO RFI

| Sep 15, 2021 | Texas

As it prepares to procure new managed care contracts for its Medicaid programs over the next few years, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) has taken various preliminary steps to prepare for the process.     STAR Health Earlier this month, HHSC released the draft request for proposal...[ Read More ]

HHSC announces pre-solicitations meetings for STAR CHIP

| Sep 15, 2021 | Texas

In anticipation of the upcoming solicitation and resulting contract for STAR CHIP, the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) invites managed care organizations that would be eligible to receive the STAR CHIP contract award (potential respondents) to participate in a pre-solicitation meeting with Medicaid program, legal and procurement staff. Meetings...[ Read More ]

HHSC seeks public input on evaluation criteria for STAR+PLUS managed care procurement

| Sep 10, 2021 | Texas

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) announced on Tuesday an invitation for public comment on its Best Value Criteria, which it intends to use as part of evaluating the upcoming Medicaid Managed Care procurement for its STAR+PLUS program. The comment period ends on Sept. 17. HHSC defines “best...[ Read More ]

HHSC accepts offer for FY2022 DSRIP, QIPP, and UHRIP; Commits to work on state-directed payments

| Sep 8, 2021 | Texas

The Texas Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) announces acceptance of the offer made by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to extend the Delivery System Reform Incentive Payment (DSRIP) program, the Uniform Hospital Rate Increase Program (UHRIP), and the Quality Incentive Payment Program (QIPP) for Fiscal Year...[ Read More ]

Detailed Agenda for the 2021 North Texas State of Reform Health Policy Conference is now available!

Kaylor Erickson | Sep 2, 2021 | Texas

The Detailed Agenda for our 2021 North Texas State of Reform Virtual Health Policy Conference on September 30th is now available! We have carefully crafted our Topical Agenda after a long process of stakeholder engagement that helped us zero in on the health care policy topics most important and relevant to...[ Read More ]

Transportation option coming to Texas Medicaid recipients

| Sep 1, 2021 | Texas

Uber Health announced last week that Medicaid recipients in Texas will now have access to non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) options. Uber Health patients will have access to transportation both to and from their appointments.      Uber’s decision will help expand its reach to over 4.4 million Medicaid members in...[ Read More ]

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