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Texas Children's Hospital announces new leadership roles to benefit patients, expand research

| Apr 29, 2022 | Texas

Texas Children's Hospital is pleased to announce the following organizational changes. Dr. Lara S. Shekerdemian has been named Pediatrician-In-Chief at Texas Children's Hospital.   "I could not be more pleased to announce Dr. Shekerdemian for this role, said Mark A. Wallace, president and CEO at Texas Children's Hospital. "As a...[ Read More ]

U.S. federal court ruling ends legal challenge to Texas abortion ban

| Apr 28, 2022 | Texas

The U.S. Fifth Court of Appeals on Tuesday ordered a district lower court to dismiss all charges brought against the enforcement mechanism of Texas’s six-week abortion ban, known as Senate Bill 8.     The ruling in Whole Woman’s Health v. Jackson comes after the Texas Supreme Court’s decision in...[ Read More ]

Medicare sequestration and rising costs threaten access to care for rural Texans

| Apr 28, 2022 | Texas

The Center for Healthcare Quality and Payment Reform estimates more than 600 rural hospitals in America are in jeopardy from Medicare sequestration and waning finances in a new report. According to the center’s findings, Texas has the highest number of rural hospitals at risk of closure in the country with...[ Read More ]

Biden administration to appeal court ruling on dispute resolution for surprise medical billing in Texas

| Apr 27, 2022 | Texas

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced on Friday it will appeal a U.S. district court ruling that reforms the arbitration process in disputes surrounding surprise medical billing to the Fifth District’s federal appellate court. Congress passed the No Surprises Act, which protects patients from receiving surprise...[ Read More ]

CMS drops challenge to Texas Medicaid waiver

| Apr 25, 2022 | Texas

CMS withdrew its rescission of the Texas 1115 Medicaid Waiver on Friday. In a letter to Texas Medicaid Director Stephanie Stephens, CMS Administrator Chiquita Brooks-LaSure outlined the agency’s intent to allow the Trump administration’s 10-year extension for the state’s Medicaid program to stand, ending a court battle that had stretched...[ Read More ]

Texas directive on gender-affirming care puts patients and providers at risk, says NEJM

| Apr 22, 2022 | Texas

In a recent perspective piece for the New England Journal of Medicine (NEJM), Anna Kirkland, J.D., Ph.D, Professor of Health Policy at the University of Michigan School of Public Health, outlined how the legal risks from anti-transgender measures like the directive issued by Texas Governor Greg Abbot would pressure physicians...[ Read More ]