Longtime Texas Health Care Execs Launch Devoted Health, a next-generation Medicare Advantage plan, in Houston metro area

Devoted Health, a next-generation Medicare Advantage plan dedicated to delivering the highest-quality, hassle-free health care to Medicare beneficiaries, announced that it is enrolling members into two new plans across four counties in the Houston metro area.

Leading the efforts in Houston are longtime Texas health care execs Jim Korry, Devoted VP for Greater Houston, and Mark Manson, Devoted Sales Lead for Greater Houston, who bring decades of experience with Medicare Advantage plans in Houston to bear as they and team roll out a plan that seeks to care for Houstonians like they are members of Jim and Mark’s own family.

“From hiring to building our network, doing outreach in the community, and crafting our plan benefits, we put Houston residents at the center of it all,” said Korry. “I’ve been living in Houston all my life and I’ve been in the health care industry for almost 30 years. This is the health plan I’ve always wanted to make available to the seniors I know and live with in this community.”

As a Medicare Advantage plan, Devoted Health is responsible for the full cost of care of its members, and thus has a true incentive to keep its members healthy. It’s why Devoted Health gives its members benefits such as: rides to medical appointments; allowances for hearing aids, eyeglasses, fitness classes, and wearables such as the Apple Watch; and no-cost visits to see their primary care physician. Devoted Health also provides dedicated guides to help members navigate the health care system and delivers tech-enabled Devoted care services to the home, including clinician house-calls for patients who are sickest and most at risk.

“We know that all health care is local. It’s why when we decided to enter the Houston market, we recruited an incredibly experienced, talented hometown team to lead our efforts. They deeply understand Houston’s seniors and have designed a plan that truly meets their needs. This is a Medicare Advantage plan built for Houstonians by Houstonians,” said Ed Park, co-founder and CEO of Devoted Health.

The two new Medicare Advantage plans Devoted Health is offering in Houston are: Devoted Health Greater Houston (HMO) and Devoted Health Prime Greater Houston (HMO), which are available in Harris, Waller, Montgomery, and Fort Bend counties. Seniors who enroll in either of these plans will have access to a highly distinguished network of primary care physicians, specialists, and hospitals, including top providers such as Houston Methodist, CHI St. Luke’s, HCA, My Family Doctor, and Village Family Practice/VillageMD. The enrollment period runs from October 15 to December 7. Coverage will begin on January 1, 2020.

“Village has a broad network of primary care doctors in Houston, all with a similar mission, to deliver high quality and cost effective care to the patients they care for,” said Clive Fields, MD, co-founder and chief medical officer at VillageMD. “We are pleased to see health plans enter our markets with goals similar to ours and excited to see how providers and health plans, working together, can deliver a better experience and result for our patients.”

Devoted Health was founded in 2017 and began enrolling seniors across eight counties in Florida in 2018. Texas is the second state that Devoted Health has entered, and the company has offices in Waltham, Massachusetts, Miramar, Florida, and now Houston, Texas. To learn more about Devoted Health, visit their website or call 1-800-317-1205 (TTY 711).