What They’re Watching: Geronimo Rodriguez

Hospitals have a lot of change on their plate now, adapting to the needs of the evolving health care system and patient expectations, at the same time the policy world of the ACA and Medicaid that has propped up the safety net for care in Texas will change too. Seton Healthcare Family Chief Advocacy Officer Geronimo Rodriguez talks about how his organization is navigating this environment.

I think we’re all looking at what the Trump administration’s impact will be on health care, and one of the things I keep saying is that, in the absence of specific plans, there’s an
opportunity to influence, to have dialogue, to have a conversation.  So for example, in the state of Texas, the state Health and Human Services Commissioner has asked for a 21-month extension of the 1115 waiver, which is about disrupting and changing, innovating, transforming health care delivery.  I think that’s really exciting that we will hopefully get to continue that under this current administration.  I think Medicaid reform is really important and ensuring things like making sure that we have a mindfulness about the poor and the vulnerable and taking care of them, making sure that the markets don’t get disrupted and the insurance markets don’t get disrupted and affected at the federal level.