Thanks to our Texas Convening Panel

As the holiday season comes to an end and we head into toward 2017, we’re grateful for the effort and insight of some key Texans in health care.

Special thanks to the members of the Convening Panel for our February 8 event!

 The Convening Panel is a key part of building the conference because the stakeholder-driven agenda is based on the insight of people like these who are close to the action in health policy. Some members deserving of particular thanks:
  • Tom Banning, Texas Academy of Family Physicians
  • Nora Belcher, Texas e-Health Alliance
  • Chris Cronn, United Healthcare
  • Jamie Dudensing, Texas Association of Health Plans
  • Anne Dunkelberg, Center for Public Policy Priorities
  • John Hawkins, Texas Hospital Association 
  • Stephen Love, Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council
  • Dean Waldman, MD, Texas Public Policy Foundation
  • Darren Whitehurst, Texas Medical Association
  • Jared Wolfe, Superior HealthPlan

You can see the full list here. We appreciate each of their roles in taking time to provide insight and suggestions to help make our February 8th conference in Austin successful.

Some stakeholders have called this “the most important health policy event of the year” and others in Texas have said “this is exactly what we need!”

2017 is shaping up to be a dramatic time in health policy after November’s election. Now more then ever it’s important to hear from leaders in health policy about what’s happening.

You can see from our Topical Agenda we have a robust range of topics to cover, with something for just about everyone in health care. We’ll release our Detailed Agenda a little later this month with a full list of speakers.

Stay tuned!