Mass turnover in HCA executive leadership

With yesterday’s news that Laura Zaichkin was leaving her position at the Washington State Health Care Authority, we decided to take a look at the current turnover rate among HCA executive leadership.

It turns out that among the remaining 26 members of the HCA’s executive leadership, more than half are new to the organization or new to their current position since 2017.

Twenty-six executive leaders is a very high number in any case.  As an aside, I’m not aware of any other organization – in state government or otherwise – that lists that many folks in “leadership” (though perhaps I haven’t looked hard enough).

In any case, this is a significant level of turnover among any organization, including one as important as Washington State’s Health Care Authority.

Moreover, it raises questions about where the institutional knowledge rests that will continue to be the driver of innovation in the 1115 waiver.  It is not clear who will play the leader or facilitator role to drive ACH’s to sustainability.  It’s not clear who will be tasked with shepherding legislative relations given this turnover.

Certainly, there remain a few stalwarts.  MaryAnne Lindeblad, Preston Cody, Annette Schuffenhauer, Lou McDermott and a handful of others have a tremendous depth of experience.  That experience will be even more important to the HCA as things move forward.  Hopefully, their depth of knowledge is relied upon if political focus returns to the HCA in the next session.