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Arizona, May 21, 2020

Utah women senators protest abortion bill

Monte Whaley | Mar 11, 2020 | Utah

Utah lawmakers tweak medical marijuana program

Monte Whaley | Mar 11, 2020 | Utah

Dispatch from Seattle, v1

DJ Wilson | Mar 11, 2020 | Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Federal, Texas, Utah

Utah lawmakers issue rules dealing with COVID-19

Monte Whaley | Mar 10, 2020 | Utah

Utah has its first COVID-19 case

Monte Whaley | Mar 9, 2020 | Utah

Health official say Utah has its first know case of COVID-19 in Utah after tests on Friday confirmed a Davis County man has the virus. The man is older than 60 and is recovering at home and under a county issued isolation order. The Davis County Health Department will monitor...[ Read More ]

Utah officials release COVID-19 patient

Monte Whaley | Mar 6, 2020 | Utah

Utah officials have released a patient from the hospital who tested positive for COVID-19 but has had no symptoms. The individual was infected outside the United States and has recently been under observation at a medical center in northern Utah, according to the Utah Department of Health. The patient was...[ Read More ]

Detailed Agenda for the 2020 Utah Conference now available!

Emily Boerger | Mar 5, 2020 | Utah

The Detailed Agenda for our 2020 Utah State of Reform Conference in Salt Lake City on April 2nd is now available! We have carefully crafted these panel topics after a long process of stakeholder engagement that has helped us zero in on the health care policy topics most important and relevant to Utah. We are...[ Read More ]

Q&A: Rep. Candice Pierucci on the mental health crisis afflicting Utah's youth

Michael Goldberg | Mar 3, 2020 | Utah

Rep. Candice Pierucci of District 52 was selected by Salt Lake County Republican delegates in October to fill the seat previously held by Rep. John Knotwell. She was then formally appointed by Utah Gov. Gary Herbert. At 27, she is youngest legislator in the state. Her status as the youngest...[ Read More ]

Utah may put new mandates on abortion providers

Monte Whaley | Feb 21, 2020 | Utah

A Utah lawmaker wants new mandates put on doctors before they perform an abortion in the state. A bill sponsored by Rep. Steve Christiansen would require that before a woman gives her informed consent to an abortion, a doctor must first perform an ultrasound on the woman, describe the images...[ Read More ]

5 Things Utah: Rep. Marsha Judkins, Health legislation, Topical agenda

| Feb 20, 2020 | Utah

We are now six weeks out from our 2020 Utah State of Reform Health Policy Conference, and we're thrilled with how things are coming together! We are curating speakers now, a number expected to total about 65 when we're done. You'll see some of the most important names in Utah...[ Read More ]

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