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5 Things Oregon: Budget proposal, Biden era health policy, Vaccine science

| Dec 10, 2020 | Oregon

This is indeed a "dark winter," as was predicted. But, I'm hopeful that we are perhaps at our nadir. We are 11 days away from the days getting longer. We are four days away from the likely first vaccines to distributed in the US. And, of course we are zero days...[ Read More ]

Hospitals announce staffing changes and temporary morgues as COVID cases surge in Oregon

Emily Boerger | Dec 9, 2020 | Oregon

As COVID-19 cases in Oregon continue to surge, Portland hospitals are setting up temporary morgues and instituting staffing changes to deal with the corresponding influx of patients. As of Tuesday, there were 553 COVID-positive patients in Oregon hospitals. The previous bump in hospitalizations, which occurred over the summer, peaked at...[ Read More ]

Brown’s 2021-23 budget proposal recommends “strong cost controls” in health care system

Emily Boerger | Dec 2, 2020 | Oregon

Gov. Kate Brown released her 2021-23 budget proposal on Tuesday, calling for “strong cost controls” in Oregon’s health care system while also placing an emphasis on supporting behavioral health services and health equity. The spending plan outlines the governor’s budgetary priorities, but the final budget agreed upon by lawmakers during...[ Read More ]

OHA report highlights financial impact of COVID on hospitals, CCOs, providers, and insurers

Emily Boerger | Dec 1, 2020 | Oregon

The latest data from the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) indicates Oregon’s hospitals and hospital systems have bounced back financially thanks to funding from the CARES Act. An OHA report released last week details COVID-19’s financial impacts on hospitals, coordinated care organizations (CCOs), health care providers, and insurers during the first...[ Read More ]

New COVID-19 guidelines starting in Oregon on Dec. 3rd

| Nov 30, 2020 | Oregon

Gov. Kate Brown’s state-wide freeze ends on Dec. 2nd, and Oregon’s new reopening guidelines will take effect the following day. The state of Oregon announced the new framework on Nov. 25th, and it will allow for a data-dependent, county-by-county reopening.     According to the Oregon Health Authority (OHA), each...[ Read More ]

Gov. Kate Brown announces statewide two-week freeze to stop rapid spread of COVID-19

| Nov 13, 2020 | Oregon

Governor Kate Brown today announced a statewide Two-Week Freeze, implementing new measures to limit gatherings and stop the rapid spread of COVID-19 across Oregon. The Two-Week Freeze measures will be in effect from Nov. 18 through Dec. 2, statewide. These risk reduction measures are critical in limiting the spread of...[ Read More ]

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