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OHA releases health care workforce needs assessment

Emily Boerger | Feb 8, 2021 | Oregon

The 2021 Oregon Health Care Workforce Needs Assessment report finds the state’s health care workforce needs increased diversity and better geographic distribution. The Oregon Health Authority released the biennial report, which focuses on evaluating diversity in the work force and specific needs in underserved parts of the state, on Wednesday....[ Read More ]

Oregon House Health Committee hears testimony on bill that removes supervision requirements for Physician Assistants

| Feb 5, 2021 | Oregon

The Oregon House Committee on Health Care heard public testimony on a bill that would remove the requirement for physician assistants to practice under physicians. Currently, a supervising physician may use the services of a Physician Assistant (PA) in accordance with a practice agreement, which is a written agreement between...[ Read More ]

OHA sets first hospital community benefit floor

| Feb 4, 2021 | Oregon

Oregon Health Authority announced the first minimum spending floor for hospital community benefit on Feb. 1, as envisioned by HB 3076 (2019). Each tax-exempt hospital or hospital system in the state will receive a floor for community benefit spending based on their revenues, prior expenditures, financial health, and the needs...[ Read More ]

Oregon House Behavioral Health committee hears updates on Measure 110: "The Drug Addiction Treatment and Recovery Act"

| Jan 27, 2021 | Oregon

The House Behavioral Health committee held an informational meeting Wednesday on Measure 110. In this informational meeting they received updates from stakeholders on the implementation of the measure.  Measure 110 reclassified personal and noncommercial possession of schedule I-IV drugs from a misdemeanor to a violation. This means that instead of...[ Read More ]

Governor Brown focuses on expanding health care and pandemic response in State of the State address

| Jan 22, 2021 | Oregon

Governor Kate Brown delivered her State of the State address on Thursday. In the address she focused on expanding access to health care, returning children to school and the continued response to COVID-19. She also addressed the need for expanded broadband access and increased investments in homelessness prevention and affordable...[ Read More ]

Hospitals express doubt about Gov. Brown’s latest vaccine plan

Emily Boerger | Jan 22, 2021 | Oregon

Gov. Kate Brown announced last week she was adjusting Oregon’s COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan to place teachers and school staff at the front of the line with vaccinations beginning the week of January 25. Seniors 80 years and older would wait to receive their vaccines until the week of February...[ Read More ]

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