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Q&A: Project Access NOW CEO discusses efforts to support universal health coverage, community information exchange in Oregon

| Apr 25, 2023 | Oregon

Project Access NOW, a nonprofit that works with Oregon’s coordinated care organizations and health systems, is focused on supporting legislation that would improve access to healthcare and social services for the state’s underserved patients. In this Q&A, CEO Carly Hood-Ronick discusses the legislation the organization is advocating for, which includes...[ Read More ]

OHA approves Adventist’s acquisition of Mid-Columbia Medical Center with conditions in place to ensure access to reproductive healthcare services

| Apr 17, 2023 | Oregon

Adventist Health System will acquire Mid-Columbia Medical Center (MCMC) following approval of the transaction from the Oregon Health Authority’s (OHA) Health Care Market Oversight (HCMO) program on Thursday.     OHA reviews proposed healthcare business deals through the HCMO program to ensure they support statewide goals related to cost, equity,...[ Read More ]

What They're Watching: Laura McKeane, AllCare Health

| Apr 13, 2023 | Oregon

Laura McKeane is the director of oral health services at the coordinated care organization AllCare Health, and also chairs Oregon's Health Care Workforce Committee. At our recent 2022 Oregon State or Reform conference, McKeane discussed what needs to be done to address the state's ongoing workforce shortage. She wants to...[ Read More ]

What They're Watching: Emily Henke, Oregon Public Health Institute

| Apr 13, 2023 | Oregon

Emily Henke, executive director of the Oregon Public Health Institute, told us during our recent Oregon State of Reform conference that her number one priority—like many in the healthcare sector—is supporting the workforce. "I want to redefine who the workforce is in healthcare. I want that to be about function....[ Read More ]

Oregon’s HCMO program provided valuable oversight on major healthcare consolidation initiatives in first year of operation

| Apr 5, 2023 | Oregon

Oregon’s Health Care Market Oversight (HCMO) program has only been operating for a little over a year, but it has reviewed several important transactions in that time, and a new report discusses what other states can learn from its efforts to monitor industry consolidation.   The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) reviews...[ Read More ]

Portland nonprofit treating frequent overdoses hopes FDA ruling, legislation can provide greater access to Narcan

| Apr 4, 2023 | Oregon

A Portland nonprofit organization has been rapidly using its supplies of Narcan to treat locals suffering from drug overdoses lately, and needs more access to the drug. Some relief could be on the way through state legislative proposals, as well as a recent ruling from the US Food and Drug...[ Read More ]