Latest hospital financials show Oregon still holding strong

Note: An updated report on the financial health of Oregon hospital systems can be found here.

Through the third quarter of 2014, Oregon Hospitals have continued a trend of profitability extending back to 2007, with the vast majority of hospital financials revealing annual profits with few running deficits. Of the 62 hospitals reporting data through the third quarter of 2014, all but ten reported a positive margin.

This report is a compilation of quarterly and annual hospital financial data reported to the Oregon Department of Health System Research and Data. It is intended to show the recent and long-term financial health and performance of Oregon hospitals, as measured by their total margins and margin percentage.

So far in 2014, the second quarter appears to have been the strongest overall, with total and average margin reaching 2.5 percent.

OR hospitals

Trend in total and average margins for Oregon hospitals in 2014/ source: State of Reform

Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) Hospital rose as the biggest earner for 2014 with over $78 million brought in so far, while PeaceHealth Cottage Grove boasts the best margin percentage at more than 12 percent.

Shriners Hospital for Children took the biggest hit, losing $16 million through the third quarter of 2014.

Through the third quarter of 2014, the ten Oregon hospitals with the highest margins include:

1. Oregon Health and Science University Hospital: $78.7 million (2.6%)
2. PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Riverbend Hospital: $68.7 million (3.7%)
3. Providence St. Vincent Medical Center: $54.1 million (3.5%)
4. St. Charles Hospital – Bend: $43.7 million (3.2%)
5. Asante Rogue Medical Center: $37.7 million (2.3%)
6. Legacy Emanuel Medical Center: $35.2 million (1.6%)
7. Salem Hospital: $34.2 million (2.1%)
8. Legacy Meridian Park Medical Center: $19.1 million (3.5%)
9. Mercy Medical Center: $17.2 million (3.9%)
10. Legacy Good Samaritan Medical Center: $16.1 million (1.9%)

Through the third quarter of 2014, the ten Oregon hospitals that posted losses include:

1. Shriners: -$16.7 million (-6.5%)
2. Adventist Medical Center: -$5.9 million (-0.5%)
3. Ashland Community Hospital: -$5.4 million (-3.7%)
4. Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center: -$3.9 million (-0.4%)
5. PeaceHealth Sacred Heart University: -$2.4 million (-1%)
6. Santiam Memorial Hospital: -$2.4 million (-2.5%)
7. Silverton Hospital: -$1.6 million (-0.6%)
8. St. Charles Madras: -$959k (-1.1%)
9. St Alphonsus Medical Center Baker City: -$356k (-1.1%)
10. Coquille Valley Hospital: -$74k (-0.1%)

A full report with year-by-year data can be found here.