Oregon Health Authority seeks Provider Directory Advisory Group member

Provider Directory Advisory Group applications due by March 5, 2015.

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) is seeking nominations for an advisory group to provide guidance on policy, program, and technical considerations as OHA continues moving forward in the implementation of state-level provider directory services. These services are planned to be operational by the 2016 year.

Provider directory services (PDS) will allow healthcare entities access to a state-level directory of healthcare provider and practice setting information. It will seek to leverage data existing in current provider databases and add critical new information and functions. The project comprises design, development, implementation, and maintenance of the technical solution as well as operations and ongoing management and oversight of the program. It can be used by health plans, CCOs, healthcare practitioners including providers, clinics, hospitals, researchers, long-term care entities, social service organizations, OHA/DHS and other state programs, Health Information Exchanges (HIEs) and Health Information Services Providers (HISPs) to support operations, analytics, and the exchange of health information.

The development of the PDS will be incremental. Initially, PDS will focus on the authoritative provider directory data from the common credentialing program/database and data from provider directories that comply with new standards for healthcare directories called Federated Healthcare Provider Directory (F-HPD), and data from existing healthcare provider and facility directories via file exchange/upload. It is expected that other key sources, including OHA/DHS sources will be integrated into the provider directory as well. While the provider directory is being built to support the Medicaid Enterprise, it is expected that the users of the provider directory will expand beyond the Medicaid enterprise, in later iterations with enabling legislation (2015). Outcomes for the Provider Directory Services include:

•Enable the exchange of patient health information across different organizations and technologies by making health information exchange (HIE) addresses available;
•Provide efficiencies for operations, oversight, and quality reporting by providing a validated, up-to-date, complete data source;
•Support analytics used by health providers and systems, coordinated care organizations (CCO), OHA, and health plans that rely on attributing providers to practice settings.

OHA seeks workgroup members who represent the broad spectrum of potential users of a provider directory, as well as those with related provider directory business, technical, policy, and governance experience or expertise. We are looking for members who can provide their expertise in the following areas:

•Policies that govern permitted data use, data sources and quality of the data, security, and access;
•Programmatic aspects including scoping the operations of the program, such as onboarding processes, ongoing monitoring of processes, and modifications of processes when warranted and if OHA has the legislative authority, fees and fee structures;
•System aspects such as business requirements for a provider directory, including which elements will be important to include in a provider directory, phasing approaches, and technical considerations OHA should keep in mind when implementing services

Earlier in 2014, the OHA convened a 12-member Provider Directory Subject Matter Expert workgroup to provide guidance on the scope, functions, and parameters for state-level provider directory services. More information on the provider directory workgroup can be found on our website, along with the charter and full membership roster and a copy of the workgroup summary. All Provider Directory SME workgroup members are encouraged to apply.

OHA has issued a Request for Information (OHA RFI #3857) on November 18, 2014 and anticipates a Request for Proposal (RFP) being released in 2015. Respondents, actual or potential, to OHA’s procurements for the technology solutions are not eligible for PDAG membership.

Interested? Complete a nomination application and return it to us by March 5, 2015: OHIT.info@state.or.us