#HealthShareReform – Errors at Exchange, UW Ebola App, Election Results

#HealthShareReform is a new series of Monday posts featuring the top or unique social media content during the past week for healthcare leadership.

1. WA Health Benefit Exchange Errors Delay Claims at Carriers

Insurance carriers in Washington expressed frustration after errors on the state’s exchange held up claims. Problems ranged from missing premiums and uncertain member status.

2. WA Health Benefit Exchange Outreach Materials Impress

Despite technical glitches, the Exchange is doing a remarkable job revamping outreach efforts for Open Enrollment 2, targeting hard to reach populations with plain-language health coverage glossaries, examples of coverages terms, and locally-themed materials.

3. Ebola? There’s an App for That–Thanks to UW

UW Researchers are part of team developing an app to help track the spread of infectious disease. The goal is to make it easier to chart the growth of ebola, avian flu, and more–before they spread like wildfire.

4. 2014 Election Results in Oregon

Gov. Kitzhaber was re-elected, a credit to his role in Oregon’s culture of innovating health care.

5. Feds Move Closer to Closing No-Hospital Coverage Loop-Hole

No need to offer comment here. Large employer plans trying to avoid hospital-coverage will find themselves under scrutiny as the loophole closes.