FamilyCare to Increase Reimbursement for Primary Care

Last week, Jeff Heatherington, CEO of FamilyCare, announced that they would increase reimbursement for Primary Care providers (PCPs) seeing Medicaid patients. The increase in reimbursement for treating Medicaid patients will be comparable with the reimbursement PCP’s receive for commercial patients.

The primary goal is to improve the quality of care and lower the cost by creating stronger patient-doctor relationships. PCPs will be paid for spending more time with their patients, and therefore the amount of the emergency room visits, expensive tests and scans will be reduced.

The current payment methodologies under Medicaid and Medicare grossly underpay primary care providers for their services and discourage them from adding OHP members to their patient rosters,” commented Heatherington.  “We believe we need to compensate doctors for their time at a level that ensures our members have access to the care they need and our providers have the time to engage in the conversations that lead to better care and lower costs.”