Oracle Says Oregon Lawsuit All Politics

cover oregonThinking back to a year ago when Cover Oregon was launching its innovative media campaign, it’s hard to believe the website debacle that has unfolded since. But here Cover Oregon sits, converted to the federally facilitated marketplace. Oracle, the vendor chosen to develop the back end of Cover Oregon’s site, has taken quite a few hits in the last several months. Now it seems they are fighting back.

KATU has obtained  presentation materials Oracle provided to the U.S. House Energy and Commerce Committee last week. Reportedly included in those materials, which KATU has not published at this time, are allegations from Oracle that the Cover Oregon website was operational in February and politics, not functionality got in the way of launching the site after a four month delay. It seems Oracle is alleging that Deloitte, who was brought on to weigh the cost of finishing the site against the cost of moving to the federally facilitated marketplace, based their assessment more on replacing existing elements with their own approach. KATU quotes the presentation in stating “the functionality has been delivered by Oracle.” Not only that, but the presentation accuses Gov. Kitzhaber of purposely not launching the site because it did not “fit with his re-election strategy of blaming Oracle for his own mistakes.”