OHA Acting Director’s Message: Next Steps for Cover Oregon


April 25, 2014

To: All OHA employees
From: Tina Edlund, Acting Director

Next Steps for Cover Oregon

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
~Eleanor Roosevelt

Earlier today, the Cover Oregon Board of Directors made the decision to stop further development on the current state website for private health care coverage. Instead, beginning with the November open enrollment period, Cover Oregon will use the federal exchange technology.

As part of this decision, OHA will take over Medicaid eligibility later in the year as well. Currently about half of our new enrollments are coming through the Cover Oregon system. We will also be working with a cross-agency project team, the state CIO, and a system integrator to look at how to adapt the Cover Oregon system and maintain the client-facing application portal.

In the weeks and months to come there will be more information about timing and next steps. I will keep everyone informed along the way.

Meanwhile, it’s important to assure our clients and stakeholders that nothing is changing right now. OHP clients do not have to do anything. Additionally, for the rest of the year, Cover Oregon will continue to be the portal for new enrollments.

There are now approximately 920,000 Oregonians who count on the Oregon Health Plan for their coverage, and about 300,000 of them gained coverage since January 1.

This is a tremendous accomplishment for everyone who has worked so hard on the hybrid application process and the fast-track enrollment option.

As we transition into this next phase, we will keep that momentum going and continue to serve our clients and the state.