BusinessWeek Ranks WA #1, OR #2 for Exchange Ads Nationally

Congratulations to the marketing brains behind the new Washington Healthplanfinder and Cover Oregon ads! BusinessWeek has ranked them the best of the best of the new Exchange TV commercials.

First, the Healthplanfinder ad where the only thing standing between a woman and an impending raccoon attack is a game of rock, paper scissors with “Chance.”

Anyone who has listened to the Halloween episode of This American Life concerning a woman who is exposed to rabies by a rabid raccoon and her near inability to obtain the vaccine understands the full brilliance of this campaign:

Michelle: So my husband and I go. And of course, we have to wait time in the emergency room. And then we get in. And then, when we’re inside, then someone comes and tells me that I live in Putnam County, and I’m in a hospital in Westchester, and that they can’t give me the shots.

Alex Blumberg: Oh my God.

Michelle: So I am so distraught at this point. And I start crying.

Alex Blumberg: The first time during this whole episode– I should point out– that you actually cried, right?

Michelle: Yes this was. This was the first time that I cried. I was–

Alex Blumberg: You survived the attack by the raccoon. You survived hitting it over the head with a tire iron 50 times. And then the thing that finally brought you to your knees was the US health care system.

Michelle: Yes, that’s exactly right. So I started to cry. And I just said, what’s the problem? And then I’m starting to learn that rabies immune globulin is a very expensive shot. And the retail price of it was something like $3,200 or $3,500.

And the Cover Oregon campaign is genius in its own right. It’s hard to resist the local flavor and shining creativity of each marketing piece developed with the help of local artists. Curious how they did that? It just so happens that Jordan Delapoer, Director of Brand Strategy of NORTH will be at our Oregon State of Reform Health Policy Conference on October 9th to tell us about the development of this unique campaign.   If you aren’t already plugged in to our Oregon event, you can register hereCEO Rocky King will offer the morning keynote, not to be missed!

BusinessWeek also featured ads from Maryland, Minnesota, California, and Colorado.

H/T @Waplanfinder