OR: Cover Oregon Ads are Well-Received


A recent article by the Portland Business Journal announces that Oregonians like the Cover Oregon ads released last month featuring Oregon’s own singer-songwriters. The Portland Business Journal conducted a poll last week in which 61% of respondents said, “I like [the ads], they’re true to Oregon.”

Catchy TV ads are just one step in Cover Oregon’s marketing campaign, and that is far from complete. Cover Oregon recently released a print ad with a very clear, straightforward message: “Cover Oregon is a new healthcare marketplace for Oregonians starting this October. It means any condition you may have (hack, cough, wheeze, sniff, ouch, snap, eek) won’t be refused. It’s all good stuff. And it’s all online at CoverOregon.com or call 1-855-Cover-OR.”

The second phase of their advertisement campaign will feature an educational component, a marked shift from their current advertisements. The final phase of the campaign will be a call to action for Oregonians to enroll in healthcare plans starting in October.

The video above, “Live Your Life” by the Portland-based hip-hop group Lifesavas was released today.