OR: Charter of the Coordinated Care Model Alignment Workgroup

Note:  This workgroup has a lot of work to do and not much time.  This charter is on page 78 of a larger document.  We posted it here to make it easier for readers to track down.

Coordinated Care Model Alignment Work Group Charter

Oregon Health Policy Board
Coordinated Care Model Alignment Work Group Charter
Approved by OHPB on 2 July 2013

I.  Authority

The Oregon Health Authority (OHA), under Governor Kitzhaber’s June 2013 letter to theOregon Health Policy Board (Board), is establishing a public process to inform healthcare cost containment strategies and recommend delivery system alignment actions.

The goal is a sustainable, affordable, coordinated and high quality health care delivery system. The Oregon Health Plan (OHP), Oregon’s coordinated care delivery model, delivers care through a fixed global budget and maintains  costs at a sustainable level. Under this model healthcare is coordinated across the delivery spectrum through locally accountable Coordinated Care Organizations (CCOs).

Flexibility to innovate, alternative payment methodologies, and shared responsibility among local providers, patients and health plans are other key aspects of the model. CCOs are charged with delivering healthy outcomes and their ability to meet this charge is measured quarterly through performance data.

As the policy-making and oversight body for OHA, the Board establishes the Coordinated Care Model Alignment Work Group to provide input on potential regulatory delivery system alignment improvements. The Work Group will  be guided by Governor Kitzhaber’s June 2013 letter to the Board, the Board’s 2010 report Oregon’s Action Plan for Health, and by Oregon’s health system transformation goals:

•  Improving the lifelong health of all Oregonians;
•  Improving the quality, availability and reliability of care for all Oregonians, and;
•  Lowering or containing the cost of health care so that it is affordable for everyone.

This charter shall expire on November 31, 2013 or when the Board determines that the charter has been fulfilled, whichever is sooner.

II.  Scope

The Coordinated Care Model Alignment Workgroup is charged with providing draft recommendations and implementation actions for the consideration of the Oregon Health Policy Board.

Purchasers to be covered in recommendations include but are not limited to:

–  PEBB (to include currently underway RFP process for 2015 services)
–  Cover Oregon
–  Other public and private organizations

OHA staff will provide workgroup members materials in advance of scheduled meetings in order to ensure adequate review time and meaningful input.

The work group will not be asked to approve the final Board recommendations to the Legislature.

III.  Deliverables

The workgroup will submit recommendations in a report to the Board before November 1, 2013.

IV.  Timing/Schedule

The Workgroup will complete its work by November 2013; it will meet monthly at a location to be determined. The workgroup will meet at the discretion of the Board.

V.  Staff Resources

Chairs: TBD
Staff: TBD, Jeff Scroggin

VI.  Work Group Membership

Workgroup members are appointed by and will serve at the pleasure of the Board chair. The workgroup will have a chair that will represent the group and present at Board meetings.

Membership: TBD