Cover Oregon Seeking Applications for New Workgroup

Cover Oregon sm pipelineCover Oregon is looking for members to join the new Health Plan Quality Metrics Workgroup:

Cover Oregon invites you to apply to be a member of the Health Plan Quality Metrics Workgroup. The workgroup, created by the Oregon State Legislature, will recommend health plan quality measures for use by Cover Oregon, the Oregon Health Authority, the Oregon Educators Benefit Board, and the Public Employees’ Benefit Board. Members will work with representatives from these organizations to research, evaluate, and deliver recommendations on an aggressive timeline. The group convenes in the fall and will meet on a monthly basis through May 2014.

Cover Oregon is looking for members with any of the following qualifications:

• Expertise in health care research

• Expertise in health care quality measures

• A representative of an insurer

• A representative of health care consumers

• A representative of a self-insured large employer

For more information, and to apply, click here.