OR Exchange: Questions, Songs and Candidness

Who’s in charge of that anyway?

An interesting point was raised at last week’s Cover Oregon Board of Directors meeting worth sharing. That is: Is anyone, really, responsible for educating the public about the ACA beyond the exchange? The exchange is receiving a large number of questions about the ACA. Meanwhile, the exchanges have not been given the resources or charge to do ACA education. Aside from sending consumers to Healthcare.gov, there are few options right now for getting personal questions answered. We know that a federal push is coming, but what will that look like? “Get Covered America!” is set to launch on Saturday, but their focus appears to be enrollment education. The exchange is likely fielding these types of questions 1) because their call center is already alive and running at 1-855-Cover-OR and 2) because the lack of education thus far means people may not know the difference between the exchange and other ACA policies.

Play it again, Sam

Meanwhile, the Board also shared that local musicians have reportedly created a song about Cover Oregon (complete with a music video). We await the release impatiently…

Not to miss

Tomorrow Cover Oregon’s Executive Director Howard “Rocky” King will presenting on “When We’ve Built it, Will They Come? Oregon’s Health Insurance Exchange” at the City Club of Portland. If you’re not sure why King is not to miss, check out item 3 in this week’s “5 Things We’re Watching.” More details on the event here.