Oregon Health & Science University's Richmond Clinic To Receive Grant Expanding Services

According to the Lund Report: “Unlocking Oregon’s Healthcare System,” Oregon Health & Science University’s Richmond Clinic will receive a grant of $650,000 per year, for a two-year period. This enables the clinic to provide care to an additional 4,000 low-income patients and offer about 15,000 extra visits in Southeast Portland. The grant also allows them to include more dental and mental healthcare services.

Executive director of the clinic, Erwin Teuber, mentioned in the Lund Report that the expansion will bring the population of the service area to 75,000 people, which according to him, is 16 percent of people living at or below 100 percent of the poverty level.

It’s been a desire to expand our capacity to meet the demand that’s out here. For a long time, we’ve had to close the door to new patients. Each month, we allow so many new patients to come in and after that we close the door. We would like to not have to do that as much

Further, Oregon Live reports that this will increase patients served at The Richmond Clinic from 8,700 to 12,600 a year.

Other aspects include:

  • – Expanded hours weekends and evenings
  • – A new walk-in clinic
  • – Hire additional support staff