UNC Health to adopt system to provide prescription discounts

University of North Carolina Health will now use Rx Savings Assistant across its hospital and provider network in an effort to reduce prescription drug costs.

Rx Savings Assistant is a software developed by Medicom Health. The program uses an external database to search for potential drug discounts from their partners. Prescriptions given to patients are given with discounts attached, allowing them to receive the discount when the prescription is filled.


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Tony Huth, President of Medicom Health credits the ease of using the service and volume of purchases made through it for its ability to lower drug prices:

“We can move the needle on adherence because of the volume and quality of our discounts, and friction-free delivery. Every qualified patient automatically has effortless access to discounts, potentially for every prescription,”

The program will go into use at the UNC Medical Center in Chapel Hill, the UNC School of Medicine and at each of the 12 UNC Health affiliate hospitals.

Rising costs of prescription drugs have been a hot issue for legislators across the country. Drugs like insulin have seen their prices skyrocket in recent years. Efforts to cap prescription drug costs at the federal level have been attempted, but stalled with no meaningful legislation passed.

A 2019 Gallup poll estimated that 13% of Americans know someone who died after not being able to afford treatment for a health condition. Skyrocketing prescription costs were cited as one of the primary reasons for many of the deaths. A study conducted by the Harvard Gazette in 2009 attributed 45,000 deaths per year to Americans not being able to afford health coverage.