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Momnibus bills moving through NC General Assembly

| Apr 19, 2021

The North Carolina General Assembly is taking on the issue of Black maternal mortality this session with bills in both chambers aimed at improving health outcomes for Black birthing people. The bills, referred to as the North Carolina Momnibus Act, also address the social determinants and the implicit biases among...[ Read More ]

NC representatives file several health bills ahead of deadline

| Apr 16, 2021

A flurry of bills were recently filed by North Carolina representatives in an effort to beat the Tuesday deadline. The Senate’s deadline was April 6. The crossover deadline for bills to make it to the opposite chamber is May 13.     Here are some health-related bills recently filed in...[ Read More ]

Q&A: NCHA CEO Steve Lawler on the importance of NC Medicaid expansion

| Apr 15, 2021

Steve Lawler is the CEO of the North Carolina Hospital Association. In an interview with State of Reform, he explained why he supports Gov. Roy Cooper’s efforts to expand Medicaid in the state. Currently, North Carolina is one of 12 states that have yet to expand the program.    ...[ Read More ]

NCHHS urges clinics to resume J&J vaccine

| Apr 12, 2021

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services urged clinics to resume distribution of the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) gave it the green light. The CDC investigated several reports of adverse reactions at a PNC Arena mass vaccination event...[ Read More ]

Pitt County to participate in antigen test study

| Apr 8, 2021

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is launching a community health initiative called “Say Yes! COVID Test” in Pitt County in collaboration with state and local health departments. The initiative will eventually include Chattanooga, Tenn., and provide up to 160,000 residents with free, rapid self-administered antigen tests. They can...[ Read More ]

Senate Democrats file bill to expand Medicaid

| Apr 6, 2021

Senate Democrats recently filed SB 402 to expand Medicaid, which they say would insure 600,000 North Carolinians and bring the state billions of dollars worth of economic benefits and federal aid. Representative Verla Insko filed similar legislation which would expand Medicaid for pregnant women last month with HB 316.  ...[ Read More ]