AlohaCare to provide basic dental coverage at no cost to adult Medicaid members through Hawaii Dental Service

AlohaCare [this month] announced that it has selected Hawaii Dental Service (HDS) to administer basic dental services at no cost to its adult Medicaid members beginning January 1, 2021. Through HDS, adult AlohaCare Medicaid members will receive diagnostic, preventive and basic dental services. Covered dental benefits will include an annual exam, twice-a-year cleanings, a full mouth x-ray, two fluoride treatments, and a filling or non-emergency extraction.


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AlohaCare has provided basic dental coverage at no cost to its adult Medicaid members since 2019 and welcomes the opportunity to partner with HDS, a long-standing oral health leader in Hawai‘i. While the Hawai‘i Medicaid program provides keiki comprehensive dental benefits, it discontinued adult coverage for preventive and restorative dental services in 2009, and currently covers dental emergency services only. For AlohaCare, the adult dental benefit represents an investment in the whole-person health of its members and the communities it serves.

“Oral health plays such an important role in overall wellness, which is why we’re committed to providing 100 percent covered basic preventative dental care to our adult members,” said Francoise Culley-Trotman, AlohaCare’s interim chief executive officer, noting that poor oral health can create complications for adults with chronic conditions and for pregnant women. “We’re pleased to partner with HDS and know that our members will be in good hands with their dentists and local customer service team.”

As the state’s largest dental plan with a commitment to affordable and accessible dental care, HDS is well positioned to serve AlohaCare members. HDS currently serves nearly one million Hawai‘i residents with customers from diverse industries, companies, unions, associations and nonprofit organizations.

“We are excited to partner with AlohaCare to increase access to care and improve the oral health of underserved communities in Hawai‘i,” said Mark Yamakawa, HDS president and chief executive officer. “Access to preventive dental services is critical to maintain proper nutrition, minimize the risk of disease, and improve the quality of life for Medicaid beneficiaries.”

AlohaCare and HDS share a common history as kama‘aina nonprofits that were created to improve the health and well-being of Hawai‘i residents. Both organizations have grown to become large, statewide health and dental plans guided by the same community values upon which they were founded. Leadership teams from AlohaCare and HDS have been working diligently to create a smooth and seamless transition for AlohaCare members and HDS providers in January

Information regarding the HDS dental plan and how to access benefits will be issued to AlohaCare members in the coming months. AlohaCare continues to welcome new members to both its Medicaid and Medicare Special Needs plans. Beginning January 1, 2021, AlohaCare’s senior members will each receive a $2,500 annual HDS dental benefit.

“As advocates for better oral health for all of Hawai‘i’s residents, we look forward to working with HDS to close the gap for the estimated 193,000 adult Medicaid beneficiaries in Hawai‘i who are without preventive dental coverage,” added Culley-Trotman.

This press release was provided by AlohaCare.