Hawai‘i COVID Collaborative launches COVID Pau public information initiative

Today, the Hawaiʻi COVID Collaborative launched COVID Pau, a statewide multi-channel communications initiative designed to help stop the spread of COVID-19 in Hawaiʻi. Funded up to $1M in cash and in-kind contributions by a hui of private businesses and nonprofit organizations, COVID Pau provides a reliable, actionable data dashboard, expert analysis of data trends, first-person stories to depict the concrete impacts of the disease and resources for residents navigating the health, social and economic challenges of the pandemic.


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“We convened the House Select Committee on COVID-19 to address the unprecedented challenges we face as a community, looking ahead to economic recovery and resilience for our state. Instead, we’ve witnessed a disturbing deficit in the state’s response to the immediate public health need,” said Representative Scott Saiki, Speaker of the Hawai‘i State House of Representatives. “COVID Pau is vital because the people of Hawai‘i deserve information and reliable leadership.”

The Hawai‘i COVID Collaborative — the organizing hui behind COVID Pau — was convened by the House Select Committee as one of two key initiatives from the Communications and Strategy subcommittee. The other initiative, a five-point plan designed to give the state the best possible chance at controlling COVID-19, calls for leadership to address critical gaps in areas that include transparency, accountability and communications. COVID Pau is the Hawai‘i COVID Collaborative’s effort to fulfill the unmet need in these areas. The urgency of the pandemic does not allow for the public to go any longer without reliable information and transparency.

“When we transform data into information and make that information useful for people, we empower our communities to make informed choices that will control the spread of COVID-19,” said Ray Vara, House Select Subcommittee on Communications and Strategy chair and CEO of Hawai‘i Pacific Health. “Where the data doesn’t exist, or is insufficient, we should be honest about that. We need accountability from our leaders, and we need transparency in order to spur action.”

Led by project director Naʻalehu Anthony, COVID Pau is powered by data-gathering operational support, health, policy and economic analysts, storytellers and communications strategists to ensure accurate, timely and actionable information reaches Hawai‘i residents reliably.

COVID Pau offers:

  • A curated data dashboard, built by the Hawai‘i Data Collaborative, showing six metrics that give us the most useful picture of the pandemic’s impact on our public health, infrastructure and economic recovery.
  • Expert analysis of the data trends, translating numbers into contextualized information.
  • Personal stories of COVID-19 experiences, making the realities of the disease relatable to everyday residents.
  • A resource directory, designed for ease of use by people who need to make hard choices because of COVID-19.

“To beat COVID, we need to create transparency, hold our leaders accountable, and recognize that our individual actions dictate the health of our entire community,” said Naʻalehu Anthony, newly-appointed director for Hawai‘i COVID Collaborative’s COVID Pau. “COVID Pau is about changing behavior. We need everyone’s participation, so our content is designed to be shared. By sharing valuable information throughout our communities, we turn data into knowledge and knowledge into action so we can get the virus under control.”

Users can visit www.covidpau.org to view daily data updates and weekly video content with expert analysis of trends and new first-person accounts of what it’s like to deal with the disease. COVID Pau invites users to sign up to receive a weekly email update from the initiative and to share their own stories of experience with COVID-19. The initiative encourages collaborators across the islands to take part in making clear, reliable information widely accessible to all the people of Hawai‘i.

This press release was provided by COVID Pau.