UH-DOH contact tracing program trains nearly 450 individuals

The University of Hawaii last week announced its COVID-19 contact tracing training program had reached a new milestone. By Friday, the University of Hawaii-Hawaii State Department of Health (UH-DOH) training program had trained nearly 450 individuals who can now be activated by the Dept. of Health to trace COVID-19 contacts in Hawaii.

A total of 393 individuals were trained through the contact tracing training track for clinical health care professionals. This track involves a 1.5-day training course and is led by Associate Dean and Professor Kristine Qureshi and Associate Professor Lorrie Wong of UH Mānoa’s School of Nursing and Dental Hygiene.



The community contact tracing program, which is for those without clinical backgrounds, graduated 49 individuals from its first cohort on July 24th. This six-week course is led by UH West Oʻahu Associate Professor Ricardo Custodio and Assistant Professor Camonia Graham-Tutt.

“We remain incredibly grateful to every person who has stepped up and reached out to be part of the UH-DOH Contact Tracing Training Program,” said Aimee Grace, UH System program lead and director of the UHealthy Hawaiʻi Initiative, in a statement. “Together, we will help to support DOH in its contact tracing needs to best address the COVID-19 pandemic while building critical health workforce capacity for Hawai‘i’s future.”

The training program for clinical healthcare professionals has come to an end, but UH says there are still 6 more cohorts of 30-35 individuals who will be trained through the community training program through the end of May 2021.