Hawaii to receive $3.3 million in federal funds to prevent, respond to infectious disease outbreaks

US Senator Brian Schatz announced on Monday the Hawai’i Department of Health is set to receive $3.3 million in federal funding to respond to and prepare for infectious disease outbreaks. This includes funding to respond to the current COVID-19 pandemic.



The funding comes from the Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity (ELC) Cooperative Agreement which helps local public health agencies improve outcomes, respond quickly, and prevent future infectious disease outbreaks. The ELC Cooperative Agreement is funded through the US Department of Health and Human Services.

According to Schatz’s office, the $3.3 million will be used to support activities such as laboratory testing, surveillance, contact tracing, and “coordination among public health officials.”

“Improving our ability to detect and control infectious diseases early will help save lives,” said Senator Schatz, who is a member of the Senate Appropriations Committee. “More funding for our public health programs means we can better manage the coronavirus outbreak, as well as prevent future pandemics.”