New partnership will bring acute care service to Florida cities

Thanks to a new partnership between DispatchHealth and AdventHealth, the Florida cities of Daytona Beach, Ocala and Orlando will be able to request and receive acute medical care.


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DispatchHealth is a provider of in-home medical care and AdventHealth is a sizeable faith-based health systems. Together, they will stand up a new service that will allow AdventHealth patients and providers to request DispatchHealth’s acute medical care for injuries and illnesses such as viral infections, COPD exacerbations, congestive heart failure and more.

Many health care providers have a strong desire to deliver home-based care, and DispatchHealth can provide a proven platform to quickly extend care outside of the typical clinic and hospital setting,” said Dr. Mark Prather, CEO, and co-founder of DispatchHealth. “We’re thrilled to be AdventHealth’s partner of choice in offering patients effective, convenient and affordable care at home. The developing partnership builds on AdventHealth’s commitment to value-based care, and we look forward to bringing the service to even more markets.”

The new partnership will be build on DispatchHealth’s current operations in Tampa, Florida where both organizations have been coordinating to provide in-home medical care.

The service will allow patients to request care via phone, DispatchHealth’s mobile app or website, and soon through the AdventHealth website and mobile app. When patients request care, a medical team will arrives at the patient’s home equipped to provide treatment. The providers say no referral is needed.

Founded in 2013, DispatchHealth says its unique model of care has proven to save an average of $1,100-1,700 per Acute Care visit. Through this partnership, DispatchHealth will expand its in-home medical services with AdventHealth.

AdventHealth is driven to provide wholistic care to everyone and to remove any barriers that may prevent someone from receiving the care they need. We want to meet people where they are and bring personalized, high-acuity care to our patients’ living rooms,” said Lisa Musgrave, AdventHealth’s vice president of home care administration and post-acute services. “We are excited to expand our home-based alternative care offerings to include this high-quality, high-value service and to integrate it with other innovations and investments AdventHealth is making in home health.”