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House passes Lower Drug Costs Now Act

Michael Goldberg | Dec 17, 2019 | Federal

Did a lack of clarity on health care doom Kamala Harris's campaign?

Michael Goldberg | Dec 3, 2019 | Federal

Today marked the end of Senator Kamala Harris's once promising bid for the presidency. In a video addressed to her supporters, Harris announced that she was suspending her campaign due to a lack of financial resources.  The announcement came as a surprise even to some of her closest followers. Harris...[ Read More ]

If the Democrats win in 2020, they will push a nationwide public option, not Medicare for All

| Nov 26, 2019 | Federal

For months, the Democratic candidates for president have been debating the relative merits of Medicare for All versus “building upon” the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Senators Bernie Sanders has argued that the time has come for adoption of an undiluted single-payer plan, while former Vice President Joe Biden and South...[ Read More ]

The state of the Democratic debate on health care

Michael Goldberg | Nov 20, 2019 | Federal

The fifth Democratic debate will take place this evening in Atlanta at 9 PM ET. With the Iowa Caucus just 75 days away, this debate will serve as a pivotal moment for candidates as they attempt to shore up support. While the field remains in flux — with candidates simultaneously...[ Read More ]

Elizabeth Warren challenges her opponents on the issue of “choice”

Michael Goldberg | Nov 13, 2019 | Federal

Senator Elizabeth Warren has come under fire from her Democratic primary rivals in recent weeks due to her support of Medicare for All and her plan to pay for it. One week from tonight, ten candidates will take the stage in Atlanta for the fifth Democratic presidential debate where Warren...[ Read More ]

October National Hospital Flash Report shows mixed bag of profitability

Emily Viles | Nov 6, 2019 | Federal

A monthly hospital flash report by Kaufman Hall, a software and consulting company that provides benchmark data, shows that during the month of September, hospital profitability was variable in individual metrics. Profitability increased overall compared to the same period the previous year, but the report explains that this trend could...[ Read More ]

Schrier and DelBene lead the charge for expanded Medicare vision coverage

Michael Goldberg | Oct 31, 2019 | Washington

Two members of the Washington State congressional delegation, Representatives Kim Schrier and Suzane DelBene, are leading a legislative attempt by House Democrats to expand Medicare coverage to include routine vision benefits.     H.R. 4665, or the Medicare Vision Act, would amend title XVIII of the Social Security Act to...[ Read More ]

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